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Virtual server plans

The virtual servers are synonymous with hosting freedom. The modern virtual servers are so low-priced, powerful and sought after, as never before. Talking about reasonable VPS server charges, you will not chance upon anywhere on the Internet a hosting Control Panel maintaining the Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux Operating System distributions to be incorporated in your VPS server web hosting account at no additional expense. Our analysis has demonstrated that only 'HOST AND WORK' offers such cut-rate fees, starting from just $20.00 USD a month. There is more splendid news: in contrast with cPanel, with Hepsia you need just 1 login to manipulate your domains (registrations/transfers, Name Servers/Whois facts/resource records, etc.), files, email box accounts, invoicing activities, client support tickets.

Hosting Features Ultra VPS Regular VPS Base VPS
Monthly Charge
Server Storage 45 GB 20 GB 10 GB
Server Bandwidth 1 TB 600 GB 300 GB
Memory (RAM) 2 GB 1.5 GB 1 GB
Processor Share Equal Equal Equal
IPs 1 1 1
Root Access
Control Panel 1
Domains Hosted 2
OS (Operating System) 3 CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
Service Availability

Control Panel 1 - The Hepsia CP is a normal tool with all VPS server web hosting accounts. It's included at no cost. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel permits your Virtual Private Server to host unmetered top level domain names under a single hosting user account. In contrast with cPanel, Hepsia provides you with a very powerful Domain Manager platform from where you can register/transfer and run as many website names as you desire, in one user account.

Domains Hosted 2 - the option of hosting unmetered hostnames under one single user account is available only if you use Hepsia as a web hosting CP tool on your VPS server. Regrettably, the cPanel/DirectAdmin CP platforms do not present such functionality at all - they call for two autonomous user accounts: one domain administration/billing/support user account and one web site management account (i.e. the actual cPanel/DirectAdmin web hosting Control Panel).

OS (Operating System) 3 - not having a web hosting Control Panel-incorporated Domain Manager section and having too many account logins are not the sole complications encountered with the cPanel and DirectAdmin web hosting CP platforms. Sadly, cPanel and DirectAdmin function only with CentOS. As opposed to them, the Hepsia CP can run on a handful of Operating Systems: Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. This is why, the Hepsia hosting Control Panel is our first choice these days.